What problem does Highliner solve?


Domain experts become managers

People are promoted because they're good at what they do day to day, not necessarily because they'd be excellent managers. This can leave a massive skill gap at a time when your role is taking on extra complexity for many other reasons too.


People are complex

It's very hard to manage people. They have their own lives, emotional states, different ways of working and many other hidden factors. If you don't understand it's very easy to attribute that to negative attributes.


Training takes you out of the room

If it's provided at all, training is usually provided separately, not on the job, and you get one chance to remember everything you're being taught. Wouldn't it be better if you had a coach and mentor by your side every day?


How Does Highliner Fix This?

Highliner is delivered via chat, taking just a few minutes to set the tone for your day, every day

  1. 1

    A series of questions work out where you're having trouble

  2. 2

    Herbie will give you a task for the day, nothing too onerous

  3. 3

    Reflection questions will help us know what progress you've made, update your dimensions and inform subsequent tasks


What People Say


It is a good concept that is well conceived and initiated with evident experience and competence

Andrew Bud, CEO iProov (customer)

My biggest challenge was confidence. Now, I have broached challenging conversations with more confidence and the resolution has been much more positive. My relationship with the report I had the most difficulty with has vastly improved.

Anonymous (user)

I would personally pay £200 a month, but I am stingy.

Axel (user)

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